Traditional Print-Centric Publishers

Traditional print publishing is an industry under pressure with reducing revenues and an often inflexible cost base. While there are substantial opportunities still to be tapped in digital publishing, those transitioning will struggle unless they can become more scalable across multiple distribution channels.


GVM and our partners work with medium and large publishers to:

  • Reduce the cost base of your traditional print publishing supply chain (paper procurement, printing, distribution)
  • Deploy/optimize digital tools and technology to reduce manufacturing costs and scale digital publishing operations
  • Reengineer content operations for efficiencies and multi-platform scaling
  • Identify service provider and technology partners to source non-core processes and capabilities
  • Secure funding for the investments in process and technology reengineering with unique approaches
  • Integrate insights from customer analytics and operations MIS to maximize content ROI


Digital Publishers

Digital-only publishing brands are being born every day, but in a changing landscape, even brands of recent vintage quickly find themselves out of date.

Paradoxically, much of the expertise around efficient content operations lies within the most experienced content manufacturers—traditional publishers. GVM marries these two areas for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

If you are just now making the decision to ready your digital publishing capabilities for scaling, GVM can:

  • Design/re-design and set-up your content creation and production operations for maximum efficiency and scalability
  • Help you internally staff your organization and/or strategically source non-core activities to service providers/partners
  • Introduce digital tools and technologies to enable new capabilities or to transform existing operations
  • Run and manage your operations if required in a variable cost, managed service model
  • Help you access traditional publishing channels (e.g. custom publishing, other print channels like direct mail) to maximize reach
  • Integrate insights from customer analytics and operations MIS to maximize content ROI