We begin by developing an understanding of your goals, operations, and financial constraints.  Whether you're looking for new opportunities for cost reduction and capability enhancement, or fresh technology and processes, we bring experts together to create bespoke solutions.

Some of the ways our clients engage us are as follows:

Operational review:
We review your operational processes and technology to identify opportunities for cost reduction and enhancements. We bring tested process evaluation, benchmarks, metrics, and financial models to help unearth opportunities.

Digital capability review:
We take a detailed view of your digital capabilities, providing process and technology enhancements that help you keep pace with current functionality.

Content creation process audit:
We look into your processes, technology and costs for creating content—particularly photography and video—to identify cost-reduction and improvement opportunities.

Supply chain cost reduction:
We perform a detailed financial analysis for optimizing paper, printing and distribution costs.

Technology selection and implementation:
We map your business/process requirements to enable the best options across all components of your content systems:

  • Digital Asset Management systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Editorial systems
  • Production Workflow Technologies
  • Cloud platforms for content distribution
  • Content tagging systems
  • Mobile application development platforms

Outsourcing scope, vendor selection and transition management
We optimize the design of your operational/technology processes. We isolate and consolidate non-core activities, making them ready for potential outsourcing. GVM identifies suitable partners, drives the RFP process, and can represent your interests during the migration.

New venture incubation support:
We can design and setup the entire value chain within content manufacturing leaving you to focus on scaling high-level creative and revenue processes. Our knowledge of best practices and network of experts minimizes your time to market and maximizes your success.

General project management:
If your teams are overwhelmed with projects, GVM can step in and provide experts to manage technology implementations, organizational restructuring, outsourcing engagements, and other solutions to operational pain points.