Owning all the systems and production processes around digital content publishing is no longer necessary. Are you willing to invest your organizational bandwidth in keeping the processes running smoothly and the technology up to date?

  • Let GVM (and our partners) design, build and operate an ideal solution for you under a managed services arrangement:
    • We orchestrate solutions and assume responsibility for staffing, sourcing, maintenance, and hitting performance/quality metrics. We deliver this in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.
    • Our unique deal structures allow you to amortize initial reengineering and technology costs over the life of the contract. Savings from efficiencies, enhancements and labor-sourcing strategies can be contractually embedded to ensure that you have the best cost structure as you scale up.
    • We make your content production costs variable with unit pricing and output-based pricing.
    • Our governance structures and service credit models are based on best practices from the Business Process Outsourcing industry.